Record date Payment date Type Dividend per share Franking
15 May 2024 7 June 2024 Interim 2.5 cents 30.0%
30 September 2023 20 December 2023 Final 2.0 cents 30.0%
1 May 2023 23 June 2023 Interim 1.5 cents 30.0%
31 October 2022 16 December 2022 Final 1.3 cents 30.0%
30 April 2022 14 June 2022 Interim 1.2 cents 30.0%
31 October 2021 6 December 2021 Final 1.0 cents 30.0%
30 April 2021 9 June 2021 Interim 1.0 cents 30.0%

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Tasmea has a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP). The DRP is a convenient way for you to increase your holding of ordinary shares (Shares) in Tasmea Limited by reinvesting all or part of your interim or final cash dividend entitlements in additional shares. 

You should read the Dividend Reinvestment Plan document (below) carefully before deciding whether to participate in the DRP. The document contains information about the DRP, including a copy of the Plan rules. 

If you elect to participate in the DRP, you may do so by either: 

  • completing the form (available from Link Market Services) and submitting this to Tasmea's share registrar, Link Market Services, in accordance with the instructions on the form
  • for shareholders registered with Link Market Services' online portal, by logging in to the shareholder's account on Link Market Services website and completing the electronic election available on that website.

Further information on the DRP, please contact us on Admin@tasmea.com.au .

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